Personalize your email body with custom fields and markers




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    Airton Bernabe

    Hi, congratulation for service!

    Can I to use any variable name at the Header Column?


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    YAMM Team

    Hi Airton,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Yes you can reuse any name for the column header. We wrote 'First Name' in this article as an example, but you can name is as you wish (firstname, FirstName, First etc.). Just make sure your column headers match the variables from your email content ;-).

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    Sandy Collins

    When I send a test email  with a marker of Dear {{First Name}} it comes to my email box as Dear and the first person's name on the spreadsheet.  Should the test say Dear and my first name since my name is on listed on the spreadsheet?

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    Deedar Singh

    Hi YAMM Team,


    Can we add a Variable in the subject line of an e-mail? Kindly reply asap.

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    Michael Josem

    @Deedar, you can

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