Hoping you will be back up and running ASAP!



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    YAMM Team

    Hi Laurel Edson,

    The sign-in issue has been solved, you should be able to sign-in/install the product now !

    If you have any issue, feel free to email us at support@yet-another-mail-merge.com.

    Thanks a lot !


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    Felipe Palacios

    Hello, YAMM Team

    I have upgraded my personal account GSuite Individual to Enterprise last Dec 23d, but the other users of the GSuite domain mktgic.com haven't increased their quotas to 1500 and remain on 50 emails per day.

    After having sent you 5 emails regarding this issue since the very Dec 23d with no answer at all, we contacted Google and said that the quota is fine and the problem should be yours, we checked with Apps Script and effectively each of the five accounts on GSuite domain mktgic.com has assigned 1500 emails daily, we installed another add-on formMule and were able to send 1500 per day per user... so it seems only you haven't acknowledged our upgrade.

    Please, let us know how to proceed in order to get our quota of 1500 for each 10 users.

    Thank you very much

    Best regards

    Felipe Palacios



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