Resend your mail merge to the rest of your list on the same sheet




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    Rob Redcay

    First -- thank you for this software. I love it. I'm just evaluating the free version right now and it's great.

    This help article is very pertinent to me. I'm about to send a "second batch" of mails from a spreadsheet that I already sent a "first batch" from yesterday. I want to be sure I won't re-send mail to any in the "first batch." However, when I start the mail merge, I don't see the information which indicates that 'Rows with a valid merge status will be skipped'. Instead, I just get one that says "You don't have enough quota to send all emails now." (screenshot below)

    Please note that my "first batch" rows all have a "Merge Status" column with valid values for all records I sent yesterday.

    I believe this is all working as expected but perhaps the UI changed a bit and you no longer show the information described in this article. I'd just like your confirmation before sending my second batch. Thanks!


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    Gil Anspacher

    This is helpful except when we want to re-use a data sheet. Then it will only send to those that have not previously been sent to.

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    Algunos de los envíos tienen como resultado "0". No entiendo a que se debe. Son cuentas de hotmail pero nunca me había psado.


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    Kurtis Sensenig

    Like Rob Redcay, I do not see either message:

    • 'Rows with a valid merge status will be skipped' if your 'Merge status' column contains 'EMAIL_SENT' or other tracking stats
    • 'Only filtered rows will be processed' if your 'Merge status' column contains 0 or if you added filters

    I do have a valid merge status in a number of rows. Is this message just gone, but the functionality still works? I don't want to resend emails to people that have a valid merge status. How should I proceed?

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