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    In this example, will it combine the greeting to read "Hello Henry, Marie, and Lucy," or will it just send addressed to Henry with the others cc'd?

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    YAMM Team

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your comment!

    Our example shows a specific use case where there are multiple recipients in the 'TO' field of your emails sent. As a result, if you follow our example, you will end up with:

    1. a first email sent to both Henry & his parents' email addresses
    2. a second email sent to both Marie & her parents' email addresses
    3. a third email sent to both Lucie & her parents' email addresses.

    Beware, YAMM works row by row, so the combined greeting ('Hello Henry, Marie, and Lucy) will not work.

    In our example, YAMM will not automatically combine the greetings. YAMM will not send only to Henry & the others' cc'd. If you want to include recipients as cc (or bcc), then please read this article: 'Add cc / bcc recipients in your emails'.

    We will update this article to make it clearer to our users.


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