Delay mail merge until a specific column has been filled




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    Michael Melnick

    I was able to get it to send emails to the person I want them to go to, but I still get a "Failed to send email: no recipient - error code:157" error every time, which means on next form submission it sends the notification email again.  



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    Neville Mellors

    This function is great by the way, but would love to see it use this method to "filter" if a message needs to be sent or not, rather than just waiting for another script to run.

    I have a form submission that may or may not have a certain field filled in depending on the submission. If it is I'd like to send the email, if not, then it doesn't need to be sent. The "wait until" works in this situation, but takes about 2-3 minutes to move on from a blank field, and can get a bit "stuck" every now and again.

    As the forms can be filled out at any time, this can cause a few issues with times of email delivery

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