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    Joe Ward

    I'm encountering a use case issue that disrupts my efficiency a bit. Basically:

    I may have two different versions of an email with the same subject line.

    When I select the email from YAMM in preparing to do the merge send, I can't be sure if I've selected the right version.

    At present, I might go to Gmail and open them, make a minor adjustment to the one I want (add a space, remove it), so that it gets timestamped as newly changed and go to the top of the YAMM list.

    However, this slows things down.

    There may be no ideal solution here, but some possible options:

    1. Email template preview once you select it in "Start Mail Merge",
    2. Add a tag/label to a selection within "Start Mail Merge" to the specific template to identify it (e.g. #Version1)
    3. Add a VERSION tag to YAMM that we can include in templates. When the email sends, this tag is removed, but it's used in place of the subject line when selecting a template in "Start Mail Merge"


    {{Version:eBook just released, v1}}

    In the "Email Template" selection, instead of the subject line, it would display "eBook just released, v1".

    It would send with the subject, not the version label, of course. And the Version tag would be stripped from the template when sending.

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    Richard Debrabant

    Hi Joe Ward,

    Thank you for the heads-up, we will keep an eye on these suggestions and discuss it with our developers.

    Thanks again.

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