Send a follow-up campaign to get better open rates and replies




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    is it possible to do a follow up email  on a section of the overall campaign? Ie those that were emailed in wave 1?

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    Denise Henry

    Would you please show examples for this option? Thank you.

    Follow-up on same email threads? 

     In new threads
     In same threads
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    YAMM Team


    @Denise: Thanks for your comment! We have updated this article and you have now examples for follow-up in new / same threads.

    @Swschool: Sorry, you can only choose one of the 4 target groups offered by our follow-up option, but we would consider adding more options ;-).

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    I tried the send on same thread and used the same subject line for my email. My sent box shows the emails as on the same thread however I've received emails from the recipients saying there was no email below the 2nd email I sent/nothing to reference from the follow up campaign. What should i do?

    Also, I've seen some applicants send it as a "re:" followed by the subject line and it works. Is that a possibility?

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    I am having the same issue as Colby - thread not being picked up - any ideas?

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