Send a mail merge with personalized attachments to each recipient




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    Juan F. Moreno (Edited )

    You are great!  Question: "Automatically list all files URLs" could be used with múltiple attachments on a same mail?  Thank you!!

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    Hi there!

    This is a great feature! However, we're not able to see any documents in our folders to attach to the mail merge. Is there anything what you can do here to help out?


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    You must create a folder in my case, YAMM Event Attachments and within it the files that you are going to attach.

    1.- You must add a Column with the ID Name
    2.- You must write the name of the file + its extension: Prospecto01.pdf
    3.- Go to the add-on and follow the steps to attach your files.
    4.- Ready.

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    Victor Echegoyen


    I have a chatbot with chatfuel attach to a Google Sheets, so everytime I get a new subscriber i get a new row, with the name, email, and the subject my subscriber wants info, I wanna know how to make that everytime I get a new row, a  mail automatically with its proper info and pdf attachment can be send to the subscriber.

    Thank you so much guys

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