Quota: How many emails can I send each day?




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    Steve Lockwood

    what happens If I send an email to 2,000 people but I hit my quota at 1,500? Will the remaining 500 people get the email automatically tomorrow or do I need to manually send it out the next day?

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    Verena Arnold

    "If you purchase a YAMM license for a paid version of your G Suite account, and if your account has been created more than 6 months ago"


    Why does my GSuite Account has to be created more than 6 months ago?

    According to Google I have a limit of 2.000 Mails after my trial period.



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    YAMM Team

    @Verena: Sorry for the confusion. Your quota is set by Google, and Google seems to provide different information regarding the trial period. It used to be 6 months (or 6 billing month of $5/month, leading to a total of $30), but this trial period seems to decrease to 14 days.

    @Steve: If you hit your sending limit, YAMM offers you the option to automatically send your emails when your quota resets. But you can also decide to manually resend the rest of your campaign at the time you prefer.

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