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    Jorge Márquez

    This polls application is excellent!

    I have a doubt.

    I would like to know if the confirmation page can be changed when the user sends the response.

    If this option is only enabled with the premium account I am interested in buying it

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    Ana Mendez (Edited )

    This feature is awesome! 

    If I send one email to multiple recipients at the same company and include a poll, is there a way to track who responded to the poll or is there a way to track if a response was changed/updated from the original confirmation? 


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    Wagesh Salimath

    This polling feature very useful.

    Do we have any option in adding another tab/table for remarks where recipient can draft some text and submit.

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    Quick question: Can we only use Yes, No, or Maybe? Can I create a custom responses, like:

    • I'm interested, but next week is better

    Or if I were trying to gauge which service my clients feel they need most:

    • Web Design
    • SEO
    • Email Marketing
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