Email preview: Receive a test email before starting your mail merge



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    Karen B


    Is there a way to send, but only create drafts, so that we can further personalize the emails if needed before sending them out?


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    Miantae McConnell

    I've spent hours sending test emails through YAMM and it does not add the 'First Name' merge set in the email as {{First Name}} 

    Also, when I receive the test email it does not use the first email on the list as per your information. It sends to the sender's address and the email shows {{First Name}} where the recipient names is supposed to be.

    I made a separate spreadsheet with one email and name, sent it out, and it was sent to the recipient but still, the email content was {{First Name}} instead of the person's name. Yes, I checked for spaces.

    Any suggestions? It worked before--not now. I checked, there is no filter on...

    Can't you call me? I've purchased the G-Suite Yamm - there is nothing else I can do after reading all your info -- 406-270-6519  Huzzah Publishing.

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